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Rothengaran Parseh is capable of producing UPVC pipes from 200 to 1000 mm in size.

UPVC pipe advantages ;

High modulus of elasticity and flexibility:

one of the important functional benefits of Upvc pipes is their resistant to failure.
They can reshaped under load without fracture so the high upvc modulus can reduce the pipes' thickness and increased cross-sectional area of flow.

Long-term tensile strength:

U-PVC pipes are formulated to have high, long-term tensile strength.The minimum required strength (MRS) (which is used in the design of pipes), for U-PVC pipes are about two times higher than the corresponding values such as polyethylene plastic pipes.

That's why the thickness of hollow U- tubes compared to other plastic pipes are under the weight of PVC pipe ,that this is an important advantage.

High strength to overweight,light weight:

High strength UPVC pipes is causing minimum thickness and lightness.

Easy transportation, minimum damage, and installation and transportation cheaper facilitates .

A person can carry two tubes of 6 meters with size of 110 easily, but able to carry less than 1.5 m Tube 110 hardware with the same force.

Seal fittings:

An important advantage of sealing pipe is, its’ connections or joints.

U-PVC Pipes with high penetration depth and Oring connection systems (Push-fit) has managed to push through the advantage of traditional products.

UPVC pipes are used to water consumption – municipal and industrial wastewater and oil and gas industries.

There are also cases of use of upvc pipe:

  • Wastewater (urban non-pressurized and pressurized sewer indoor)
  • Agriculture (irrigation, irrigation and drainage without pressure, the wall of the well)
  • The passage of electrical cables and telecommunications
  • Rain water transfer
  • Air conditioning systems (ventilation tubes)

U-PVC Pipes are classified according to ISO and EN as follows:

Upvc sewage pipe is used for indoors and outdoors of building by ISIRI9119 Iran national standards or EN1329 standard .